QP Campaign: Montage Making Winners

In line with the company’s continuous efforts to inculcate our Quality Policies, winners of the QP Campaign: Montage Making Competition were recognized yesterday, June 15.  Biz Development and IT Manager, Mr. Jin, was there to award their certificates and cash prizes.  

May Top Performers and Best Team

  In line with the company’s continuous desire for excellence, the top performers and the best team for the Month of May were recognized yesterday, June 15.  Biz Development and IT Manager, Mr. Jin, was there to give the top performers their gifts and certificates.

Duzon Teams in 2017

It’s now 2017. Duzon E&H teams are facing this year energetically, and without hesitation. Here they are.

Team News: Team Mars’ January Top Performers

Team Mars’ performance meeting was held last week.  The team’s top performers were recognized, and were given certificates and gifts. PM Supervisor Ethel Austria was also there to show her support to the members of Team Mars.

Team News: Team Mars’ Team Building

Due to the upcoming team reshuffle, the members of Team Mars decided to have their 2017 team building immediately. With only 6 days to prepare, almost every member of the team played a big part in making the event successful. Check out some of the pictures that were taken during that day.