QP Campaign: Montage Making Winners

In line with the company’s continuous efforts to inculcate our Quality Policies, winners of the QP Campaign: Montage Making Competition were recognized yesterday, June 15.  Biz Development and IT Manager, Mr. Jin, was there to award their certificates and cash prizes.  

May Top Performers and Best Team

  In line with the company’s continuous desire for excellence, the top performers and the best team for the Month of May were recognized yesterday, June 15.  Biz Development and IT Manager, Mr. Jin, was there to give the top performers their gifts and certificates.

Duzon Teams in 2017

It’s now 2017. Duzon E&H teams are facing this year energetically, and without hesitation. Here they are.

TM News: Team Arden Remained As Duzon’s Best Team

After another interesting month, members of Team Arden proved that they were not yet ready to relinquish the “Best Team” title.  The bragging rights still belong to them folks. Only one question remains. Will they be able to hold on to it next month, or will the other teams be able to snatch it?

Team Arden’s Birthday Celebrators

The March birthday celebrators of Team Arden  had a blast blowing their pizza cake here at the office. TL Arden and PM TM Manager Ethel was also there to celebrate with them.

Team News: Team Arden’s February Top Performers

Team Arden’s performance meeting was held last week.  The team’s top performers were recognized, and were given certificates and gifts. PM Manager Ethel Austria was also there to show her support to the members of Team Arden.

Team News: Team Arden’s Best Team Celebration

Last month, Team Arden was chosen as the Best Team for January. To celebrate such feat, the team had a simple get-together. Check this out to see some of the pictures that were taken that day.