Challenge and Passion Day

Every now and then, we see companies sponsor sports festivals. What are these for? Surely they don’t have anything to do with office work – – –  or do they?

Well, first and foremost, sports festivals promote camaraderie and rapport among the employees (teachers, management staff, and others) Such activities are designed to build a strong bond and cohesion.

Also, this will help us learn the value of teamwork. We all know that in a workplace, teamwork is one of the most important factors that employees should have. An employee’s  ability to work well with others (with efficiency and efficacy), can help him/her become a more productive member of the company.In addition, sports festivals remind us the impotance of staying healthy. They help us become physically, emotionally, and mentally  fit to work.

In line with these, Duzon E&H will have its Challenge and Passion Day on August 15 at the Aguilar Sports Complex from 9 a.m. up to 4 p.m. It will definitely be a day full of excitement.


Don’t forget to wear comfortable clothes (bring extra clothes, too).  This event will be extremely fun – so DON’T DARE MISS IT!  Go Team Duzon! Aja!